Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SALE, 30% off

Hello everyone. As you know life at work has been crazy trying to get all the computers ready for the Teachers and Students to come back to school. Well in honor of the Craziness we go through at the beginning of the School year with our kiddos needing stuff for school and our lives being hetic trying to get schedules back in order I am offering a 30% discount off of all my files in the store so hop on over and check them out! Your discount will reflect at check out so don't look for the sale price on the page of the files it will show in your Cart.

Not only am I having a sale but I know Darcy has her files on sale from time to time. Check out the ones she has in the on sale category over at the store.

I am still on the hunt for a few more Creative Team Members (AKA CTM). I bet you are thinking "What is a Creative Team Member and what does it involve?"
I would be happy to answer that for you.
* A CTM is a person who enjoys the same types of files that I design, and can think of ways to use them in the items they create.
* This person would apply to be on the team by submitting a project or two using my files and if chosen for the team would have access to my files as per the CTM agreement that I will send you upon being chosen for my team.

That is pretty much the basics. So with that said if you see files of mine that you just love and would love to have in your collection go ahead and send me your submission to be on my team and we can chat about it! I would love to hear from you.

New freebie file coming soon! Be on the lookout!
Until Next Time!

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