Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Night and a Free File for you

Family, food and Friends and too much to eat has left some of your family snoozing on the couch. What a great time to do download my latest freebie or any of the others you may not have gotten yet from our Designing with Die Cuts Site. Here are links to all the free categories over at Designing with Die Cuts

Card-i-ology Creations
Darcy's Designs
Robert Sabuda's Pop Up files

here is the picture of the freebie I just added

Also be sure to run over and see the BLACK FRIDAY sales over at VDBC

Enjoy  and remember many of us have a "Bonus File" with purchase just make sure you click the "CHECK FOR SPECIAL OFFERS" button in your cart at checkout.

SALE 55% off with Bonus File

Happy Thanksgiving!
Myself along with the other designers over at VDBC are having sales this weekend.  Mine runs through the 30th but my special offer will end on the 29th.  So be sure to run over to the store and check out all the great files.  Shop from your seat in your pj's we don't mind.. LOL 

I am offering a 55% off sale with a bonus file that you MUST hit check for Special Offers when you go to check out.  If you have other designers files in your cart at the same time you will also be given thier free offers as well.

Here is a peek at my bonus file with purchase.   Here is the link to my store

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Customer Appreciation Sale and My Birthday Sale

Another offer for you to show you my Appreciation to all of my customers.

I am currently having a sale in my section of the store at VDBC you can find it here.  55% off all of my files. The sale price will be reflected in your cart this sale runs through the end of November.  Also I have just added a new file called "Count Your Blessings" and from now until November 29th you will be given the chance to get this file free with a purchase from my section of the store.  Be sure at check out to look for the "Check for Special offers button" and you will click on that and add the free file to your cart.  Thats all you have to do and you will get that file as a bonus!!  What a deal!

So hop on over and check it out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A SALE and A Thirsty Thursday FREEBIE for you!

So it's my birthday in a few days so I thought let's celebrate!!!  I have marked EVERYTHING in my section of the store 55% off until November 30th at Midnight so hurry on over and scoop em up while the gettin is good.  My section is here

Now on to the freebie...

I just wanted to tell all of you my friends and buddies that "EWE are Loved" so this weeks freebie is for you.

Hop on over to Designing With Die Cuts to get it.. No Password Necessary.

Also while you are there click the Learning Center Tab Darcy and I have made a few changes over there and you might like them.  We are compiling a bunch of Die Cut related videos and articles so you can find them all in one place.  It takes time and reasearch to get them there for you so please kick back relax and check us out.  We will be adding more content as fast as we can.  Drop us a comment and you can now Digg our articles or share on facebook and a few other great places so come on over and enjoy yourself.

Last but not least go on over to the VDBC Forum and Store you will find some great happenings over there. You are likely going to find sales there too! Lori of Beloved Keepsakes has announced hers on the front pageof the store and in the newsletter so you might keep an eye out to see if anyone else has any sales going on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend this and that

Hello there!  Well the weekend was great! My hubby,son and I went to see 2012.  It was awesome. I am not the Sci-Fi type either. The visual effects were amazing. It is definately a movie to see IMHO. But I am jsut one person. All of us enjoyed it even the 16yr old. So that says something.. LOL..  No really he is a great young adult if I do say so myself.

Anyhow. Lots of great things going on over at Designing With Die Cuts.  We are starting to add more content. Videos, Free Cutter files, and Information related to die cuts and thier uses.  We have updated our Learning Center Page. Hope you all like the new look.  Please Pardon our dust as we continue to improve the site.

If you have an idea for an article or you would like to be a guest reporter please don't hesitate to contact us.
You can find the contact info there.

Stay tuned. I plan to offer another freebie Thrusday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Freebie

It is so hard to believe it is Thursday again already. Boy the time sure does fly.  So I know I am posting this on Wednesday but I wanted to be sure to get this weeks freebie out on time. This week Darcy is doing the Weekly Challenge over at Visual Designs by Chris.. you will just have to look for her specific post.. She doesn't have it up yet.. But be on the lookout. I can't wait to see what she does. 

So I have been trying to figure out the best way to convert my files for Cricut users with SCAL. There are a few ways they can be done and I wondered if any of you (who have cricut and SCAL)  could leave a comment with your preferences on how you like to receive your files. I can save individual SVGs of each of the pieces which I have started doing btw, I can also do individual scut files of each of those svgs already imported into scal at the size the file was created for. And I am sure there are several other ways that it can be done.  My main thought is to be able to offer you the best format for you (well the majority) So if you could be so kind just post a comment with your thoughts. I would definately appreciate it.

So for todays freebie with everyone catching the flu I thought a title for "Caught A Bug" would be appropriate. It can be used for kiddos collecting them bugs too!

You can find this file here on Designing With Die Cuts.  Be sure to spread the word. We are trying to get that site moving so if there is something die cut related you would like us to do we would love to hear about it.  Also if you would be interested in being on my creative team I am still looking for a few more folks to be a part of it. Just email me.

Happy Cutting!

Veterans Day Freebie

In honor of all the veterans those who have served and those who are currently serving.

I would like to thank them ALL for thier service to our Country and for protecting us. In my eyes they should be everyones biggest fan. They are there to protect our Freedom and our rights. Say a prayer for each and everyone and thier families. Don't forget those that are here at home waiting for them to return and standing behind them while they are protecting our freedom.

Lori of Beloved Keepsakes also has a freebie on her blog. She also has a goal and a challenge for you so please go over there and check it out. As many of you know her husband is currently serving. Lets help her and reach that goal and step up to her challenge.

Now on to my freebie. You can find it here. No password needed.

File formats availabe: AI,GSD,KNK,SCUT,SVG,WPC

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This and That and a Freebie to boot

Busy day today.. my kiddo and I are off to the endodontist today so I am taking the day off of work. WooHoo about work but yucko for my kiddo who needs root canals yes I said (s) it is looking like he will need a few. Poor kiddo got my bad genes with his teeth. I remember being his age and having to get crazy dental work. He is in NO pain and the dentist can not believe it but then again when I had dental issues I never really had pain either.

Our middle son has finally settled on a college. He is going to go to Santa Fe' college in Gainesville. So I guess he is going up ther to register today. Thank goodness I was beginning to think that he wan't going to go to college. But I am so thankfull he has decided.

Our oldest is still in Ohio at college and he has finally found a job that will allow him the hours to make some extra money. Which is good for him because he has a time with saving money.. Seems to BURN a hole in his pocket before it even gets settled in there. I am really hoping he will open up his eyes and see how important it is to save money.

Enough about my kiddos for now... hehehehehe

Now on to the freebie.. I have had a creative block lately so this weeks freebie is all about that.

You can find it here along with other freebies. While you are there be sure to check out the other free files there. NO Password required.

And lastly but not least there are still a spot or two left over at the VDBC Forum for the 2010 Planner swap in calendar 2. So run over and sign up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Hand Made Paper Bow Cutting File

I have posted another free file on the Designing With Die Cuts site. It is a cutter file for making the handmade bows that have been on the internet. Previously I have made them using a standard paper cutter and that takes some time so I decided this year I was going to turn it into a file for our Electronic Digital Cutters so you can pick up this freebie here. I have also made a video showing you how I put them together but it is generally the same as the others except this one is a tad smaller to accomodate the cutters out there. This file is available in AI,GSD,KNK,SCUT,SVG and WPC so go on over and check it out. I will be posting another freebie later this week but thought I would share this one with you now..

Here is a pic of my finished bow..

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by..