Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This and That and a Freebie to boot

Busy day today.. my kiddo and I are off to the endodontist today so I am taking the day off of work. WooHoo about work but yucko for my kiddo who needs root canals yes I said (s) it is looking like he will need a few. Poor kiddo got my bad genes with his teeth. I remember being his age and having to get crazy dental work. He is in NO pain and the dentist can not believe it but then again when I had dental issues I never really had pain either.

Our middle son has finally settled on a college. He is going to go to Santa Fe' college in Gainesville. So I guess he is going up ther to register today. Thank goodness I was beginning to think that he wan't going to go to college. But I am so thankfull he has decided.

Our oldest is still in Ohio at college and he has finally found a job that will allow him the hours to make some extra money. Which is good for him because he has a time with saving money.. Seems to BURN a hole in his pocket before it even gets settled in there. I am really hoping he will open up his eyes and see how important it is to save money.

Enough about my kiddos for now... hehehehehe

Now on to the freebie.. I have had a creative block lately so this weeks freebie is all about that.

You can find it here along with other freebies. While you are there be sure to check out the other free files there. NO Password required.

And lastly but not least there are still a spot or two left over at the VDBC Forum for the 2010 Planner swap in calendar 2. So run over and sign up.

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