Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A SALE and A Thirsty Thursday FREEBIE for you!

So it's my birthday in a few days so I thought let's celebrate!!!  I have marked EVERYTHING in my section of the store 55% off until November 30th at Midnight so hurry on over and scoop em up while the gettin is good.  My section is here

Now on to the freebie...

I just wanted to tell all of you my friends and buddies that "EWE are Loved" so this weeks freebie is for you.

Hop on over to Designing With Die Cuts to get it.. No Password Necessary.

Also while you are there click the Learning Center Tab Darcy and I have made a few changes over there and you might like them.  We are compiling a bunch of Die Cut related videos and articles so you can find them all in one place.  It takes time and reasearch to get them there for you so please kick back relax and check us out.  We will be adding more content as fast as we can.  Drop us a comment and you can now Digg our articles or share on facebook and a few other great places so come on over and enjoy yourself.

Last but not least go on over to the VDBC Forum and Store you will find some great happenings over there. You are likely going to find sales there too! Lori of Beloved Keepsakes has announced hers on the front pageof the store and in the newsletter so you might keep an eye out to see if anyone else has any sales going on.


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to You!! I would sing but it wouldnt be pretty LOL Thanks for another gorgeous freebie! cheers, caz

jzayler said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the cute freebie. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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