Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Files in the Store go check them out!

Life has been busy, between my day job as a Computer Technician to working on other peoples computers, My Angel Company Demonstratorship and Creating files it is true a womans work is never done. I am so thankful to have a loving and supportive family. Thanks for stopping in to see whats new.. Hope you take a moment to go over to the store and see whats new with the rest of the MORE team.

TM00009 It's a Jungle in here
I just love the lion in this group. He is fierce looking and is stunning in the finished form.

TM00010 Jumping for Joy
Cute Kangaroo has titles for Jumping for Joy, You make me want to Jump for joy, and I want to jump for joy. Just a cute little file to keep someone smiling.

TM00012 Falling For You
This is great for someone who is falling in love, or even those who fell in love many years ago. Just a great way to tell the one you love that you fall in love with them more and more every day.

TM00013 The Perfect Pair
What a cute card for someone who is getting engaged or married. Or just two kids who are best friends.

TM00014 I'm Not Grumpy
Great file to scrap all those moments when those members of your family need a nap and are getting grumpy but are too stubborn to go rest.

TM00015 Make a splash
This would be a great file to scrap all those trips to the theme parks that have dolphin shows.

If you missed yesterdays Finally Friday-Freebie you can run over to the store and purchase it.
TM00016 Happy Birthday

Off to be creative.. Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday - Freebie

This is my first Finally Friday - Freebie. The download will expire at Midnight after that it will be available at the VDBC Store

If you should download it please be sure to come back and leave a comment to let me know how you liked it. I have test cut it with KNK Studio Element and it cuts fine.. If you have a cutting issue please let me know and tell me which format if you could.
File is no longer available for free download please visit the store to purchase.

More files coming to the store this weekend.
Have a Happy Friday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Go on over to the store and check them out! I am so excited. I have a few more that are in the final plans for upload. The majority of my files will be paper piecings. I plan to add more card designs also. Thanks for stopping by..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sneek Peek at Files Coming soon to VDBC

By the end of the weekend you will be able to run over to my store at the VDBC store. I will be offering files in the following formats:

All of my files have a watermark over the photo for protection from copying. I sure hope you enjoy. Any How this is just a heads up on whats happening with me.
Here's the Scoop! What's the Scoop? Got Scoop? Perfect for all those layouts or cards that you want to get or tell some juicy gossip.
Lady Bug Card This file is perfect for a little girls birthday invitation, or just a bright and cheery card for a friend. This is a standard invitation size card. I recently made 60 for a co-worker's Baby Shower who has a lady bug theme in her baby's room.
I Dig Gardening This file is perfect for that gardener in your life.
Baby fun! This is a file I made some time ago. But I just think it is cute and so much like little ones when they are learning to play and have fun.
Dog Gone Cute I just love these girls. This pair of pooches Mom and daughter just want to come to your house and play. They promise not to bark or shed on your bed!
Freedom & In Memory of with Patriotic Eagle.
Clearwater Aquarium Home of Winter This file was made for a recent trip we took to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. They rescue marine life that have been hurt and when they get better they are released. However Winter lost her tail when he got caught in rope hear her story here. If you are ever in the area stop buy and check them out.
College Bound. Nuff said I have one in college and 1 on the way in the fall. So I made this file so I could document thier trip.

So now I am off to create some more. I hope you stop by the store I hope to have these files in the store by Monday. Will post here as soon as I get them there.