Monday, September 6, 2010

Cards for Project Graduation Fundraiser

Many of you know my youngest son is a Senior this year. Well the parents of the Graduating class raise funds to host a Project Graduation Party. Among other fundraisers that they are having I am selling handmade cards to also help raise funds. I have sold around 94 to date and I am steadily making as many as I can to replenish the stock. If you want to read about project graduation you can read about it here. If you wish to donate.... (shameless plug here) you can locate our paypal button on the home page found here at the bottom of the page near the calendar with the other fundraisers we have scheduled..

Anyhow on to the cards I have made this weekend. Thanks for looking.. Some of them didn't scan or photograph well at all....

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Caroline said...

Gorgeous cards Tina, the recipients are very lucky!