Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freebie a little later than normal

Well you won't believe the time I have had with my computer the one I created this weeks freebie on crashed last night. But I got it back up today and Iam able to bring this weeks freebie to you on the day it was suppose to come out. Thank goodness for backups!

So I am still on the halloween kick.. Here is what it is..

Please visit the store to purchase this file.

Now more business, We have started a Weekly Challenge over at the VDBC Forum please go over and check it out. I really love all the challenges and such we offer over there.

If anyone has wondered about the "project" Darcy and I are working on I will tell you we have NO I repeat NO plans on leaving VDBC. So we will continue to be over there. So come on over and join us!


G-ma said...

Thank you for this cute svg file. I already know where I am going to use it - on a card going to my son-in-law as he teases me about getting on my broom and flying from here to there!! :-)

jzayler said...

Thanks for the cute file. Can't wait to hear what your's up to!

Caroline said...

thank you for the great freebie!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the freebie and also the good news that you're not leaving VDC! Yeah!