Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Freebie

OK so I totally didn't get to the free file last week and I am so sorry. I had a flat tire, stressful week at work and a crash on a special project I have been working on. I am not making excuses but everything I touched last week went to pots.. So I am begging your forgiveness and hope this weeks freebie will help. This weeks freebie doesn't have the SCUT file in it but I did seperate the SVGs for easier import into Sure Cuts alot. So that should make it easier. When my laptop crashed and I had to reformat I was unable to reactivate the software and now I am waiting to hear from the company on how to resolve the issue. I just found out tonight when I was converting all the files so.... If I hear from them in the next couple of days I will update the file and let you know.

With that said heres to a good week. Make sure you check back cause there will be some awesome stuff happening soon. Also if you are not a member of the VDBC forum you may want to hop over and register... (hint)

Here's a peek at the file

Hop on over to the store and pick it up.

Until Next time

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Anna said...

Tina I hope this week is so much better than last. Thank you so much for the great files you share.