Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've Been MIA

Well my cutter has decided it needed a vacation and it doesn't want to play nice lately.  I have been designing a few files but I can't test cut them because my cutter is acting up.  I am suspecting the cable.  I haven't been off early enough from work to call their tech support but have worked via email with a wonderfully helpful person who has tried many things and has also come to the conclusion that I am losing contact somewhere between the machine and the computer. Anyhow... please bear with me while I work through these issues. Freebies will aso come back as soon as I can test cut again.

Thank you for your patience while  Iget this all situated.

Hope you are having a wonderful iNSD. 



jzayler said...

My sympathies! It is so fustrating trying to trouble shoot something like that. Best wishes.

Jun Bug House said...

Can I say, "Been there, had that happen"
Puter prayers for ya.

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