Monday, June 15, 2009

New Files in the Store

Check out all my new files in the store here is a look..
Outta this world.. This little martian is sure to tickle your funny bone. Let someone know you think they are Outta this world or You're a blast by sending them a little alien love...

Dad (by another other name is still dad) in different languages.. Can be used as a frame or just as an embellishment to a page.

MMMM Honey This little bear has found his sweet spot. He has filled up on the honey from the hive and now he is thinking of a nap. Great for all those photos of kids getting into something they shouldn't.

From Great Oaks
Little Acorns grow. This is a file that can be used for all those photos that include a parent and a child or parents and children.

Sweet As Pie

Great new file for all those precious pictures where you just want to nibble those kiddos up because they are being so darn cute..

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