Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneek Peek Coming Soon

Just thought I would give you a neek peek of some of the files that will be coming to the store soon. I also have a fe3w more in the works but I don't have the previews ready yet.. So for now here is a little eye candy for you.
First we have a cooky file called Stud Muffin. This can be used to give to your honey to let him know how much you think he is a hottie!

Next in Honor of July 4th and our Freedom we have Stars N Stripes. Just a compilation of different 4th themed items.

Ok so next is a fun one that you can use when your kids decide to be thier own barber.. I like to call it So you think your're a barber.

Dragonfly... The dragonfly can symbolize many things to many cultures. In this file I am focusing on the lives of those who have passed on. May this dragonfly give you strenghth and peace.I created this in rememberance of my grandparents who have now all passed on.

WANTED.. This is a cute file that you can use in so many ways. I have also enclosed a pic of a finished project I did with this file. As some of you know my hubby is going in for Knee replacement surgery so I am planning to hang this on the wall in his hospital room to remind him we all believe in him and love him and to let him know we understand how much he loves all of us. This is a pic of me,our youngest and middle sons and my MIL. Thanks so much for checking out the files coming soon to Visual Designs by Chris and More

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